Stolen Fruit Dinner

In the midst of the fruit of the vine a group of writers, well-versed in the wine country wine and dine, gathered to taste some Stolen Fruit. Stolen Fruit is a wine grape based cocktail and mocktail mixer. The divine blends of grapes infused with fruits and herbs where concocted by Chef Peter Brown, who partnered with winemakers Doug and Susan Provisor. The mix has already made in it to several hotspots in Healdsburg. Its versatility was demonstrated throughout the evening as Chef Peter blended everything from champaign, spirits, and even PBR to create delicious parings with a wide variety of savory dishes. Stolen Fruit Mixers make it easy to create a delicate drink for any occasion and all of their ingredients are locally sourced in and around Healdsburg. For more about the story of its founders and fruits go to

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