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We are constantly working to tell the beautiful stories of Healdsburg. These stories are made to support our Healdsburg Community and archive the memories of fantastic events. Sponsored posts are essentially videos & photos captured to engage & educate the Healdsburg Social audience. We clearly label these posts as sponsored content and feature them on our homepage, facebook, & often youtube, twitter & instgram.

|| Commission ||

Our biggest inspiration for launching healdsburgsocial.org at the beginning of 2016 came from the creative collaboration we have enjoyed with other brands & people. It is our aim to increase this style of creativity with visual stories. If you are looking for a fun & different way of sharing your story with Healdsburg, give us a buzz. We’d love to be commissioned, hear your ideas, & help you tell a visual story of your business, event, or anything Healdsburg

Video | $500 - $15,000


Each video is designed to continue Healdsburg’s media dialogue with the community. Healdsburg Social is categorized by the following; music & events, shop, ladies & gents, art & design, countryside, wine & dine, and history. Does your idea, brand, service, or event fall into any one of those categories? If so, let's collaborate & start filming. Need a commercial or video for your own site or channel? The experienced videographers working with Healdsburg Social can do that too.

Photo | $200 - $1,000

An image is one of the most affordable, shareable, tagable, effective way to captivate your local Healdsburg audience. We want to document all of Healdsburg's tastings, tea parties, parades, and masquerades in a fresh & exciting way. Healdsburg Social's photographers capture these moments & share albums of 15 - 100 professional pictures on the website & facebook page, & 3 - 12 on instagram & twitter. If you are in need of a photographer for a family photo shoot or to update the glamor shots for your website, we do that too. 

Social| $25 - $200

Currently facebook is Healdsburg Social's most viewed distribution platform, and every day growing on youtube, instagram, and twitter as well. We love sharing your events & photo advertisements to help you get more views too!


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